Nourishing Hair Wash

Nourishing Hair Wash


apply: Sans [ceuticals]

A rich and luxurious formula that provides intense hydration while providing superior colour and thermal protection for your hair. Nourishing Hair Wash delivers a super dose of strengthening and reparative ingredients to leave your hair feeling soft and velvet smooth. 

Sans Ceuticals Nourishing Hair Wash has a reduced foaming action making it safer for the environment, kinder on your colour and gentler on your skin and hair.

Cleansing should be a mild and gentle process, protecting the hair without stripping it of its essential elements. All Sans [ceuticals] washes are sulfate-free and crafted from sustainable ingredients.

Best applied to:
+ Dry hair
+ Coloured hair
+ Keratin treated hair
+ Frizz-prone hair

Formulated in New Zealand and free of all chemicals.

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How to apply: